The Little Owling Hat……..

The Little Owling Hat……..

I have been a big brave girl and written up one of my patterns and it is now available for purchase from my Etsy store and Ravelry 🙂 Follow the links…….. Advertisements

Yaayserz!! I feel Awseome!!!

Just a really quick post today, this week saw the Fabfollowers20 offer come and go AND guess what?? You lovely people responded and I made my first and SECOND sales!! Check us out – YOU ARE AWESOME!!

Etsy First Sale

As well as that amazing news the fingers have been busy elsewhere, Purl and Me now has a facebook page!! Go along and see what you think, all constructive criticism greatly received!!

Thank you all for being VERY fab xx

Roll up, Roll up….

Come on over and pop your head around my Etsy shop door to see what wonderful new delights have been added to the shop in the last couple of days!

I have had a week away from the day job and have devoted some much-needed time to my other world, Purl and Me.

I am not really sure how it happened but with many thanks to my uncle I have acquired a (large) amount of Alpaca fleece. I love it. Love Love Love it, its warm and fuzzy and soft and cosy and so many other words besides but I just haven’t got the time to process it myself.

Dark Fawn Purl and Me 1

Dark Brown Purl and Me 2

Light Fawn Purl and Me 2

SO onto Etsy it goes! I am testing the water a bit and have listed three different,  natural colours so we shall see how they are received.

Eiku 1

Whilst I was taking photos of the fleece I also took some of a couple of shawls that have been sitting patiently in a bag waiting for their close up. They are finally up and ready for your viewing pleasure too. Goodness me I surely deserve a biscuit, don’t I?

New Etsy listings go live!

Hurrah, hurrah hooray!!

I love it when I get myself together for long enough to list things that I have been making! I can’t lie I would much rather be making, creating and knitting rather than taking photos and listing things. I love the whole process and at this particular point in time I have a scarf soaking in the sink to be blocked and photographed, one blocking already and I have just (finally) taken photos of my latest stitch markers and listed them!

Hold Fast and True Stitchmarkers

Hope you like the photos of them, I think these are going to become new favourites for me!!