Knitting, jam and sheep…..

I have just read that back and no, I haven’t knitted jam and sheep.

I have though been a very busy and over sunned bunny this weekend! I am not complaining but I am feeling a little light-headed and I am trying to consume lots of water whilst I write this.

Yesterday was as lovely as today has been so there was some gardening, some sunbathing and the obligatory bbq. Accompanied by some jam making and some knitting!! Hurrah!! I have had a bit of a knitting drought lately, life just seems to be getting in the way, but to achieve knitting and jam making in the same day makes me a very happy girly!

Here’s the new project, I have embarked on a blanket for my Etsy shop. I love this pattern The Harvest Moon Blanket and it was the project that led to Purl and Me being opened so here goes!

The Harvest Moon Blanket - Purl and Me

I have only cast on really, starting the pattern when I next pick up the needles.

Casting on was swiftly followed by Rhubarb Jam. I sometimes allow myself a copy of Simple Things magazine and this recipe was found in there. My mother in law grows rhubarb and has a little glut at the moment so I was really chuffed to be ale to make use of it!

Rhubarb jam - Purl and Me

That was yesterday and this is today…..

We live as you know, in the corner of a field. A corner of a sheep field to be precise. Any of you that read this will know that I had a whale of a time a couple of months back helping the farmer with the lambing. I loved it to say the least. Now those little babies are growing up fast and have all been put out to graze but today we got to catch up with them all. Some of the ewes have been suffering with an itchy scratchy type thing that has been driving them a bit crazy ( you can tell I am not a farmer can’t you! ) so today we gave them all an injection of lovely” make it all better” stuff. We also checked lots of feet, big and small and had lots of scratches behind ears with some of the favourites.

I am proper pooped and off to make myself some toast so that we can try my very pretty jam 🙂