Cold Frames and Pipe Dreams…..

……. I have been absent, I know and I am sorry. I have been a very busy girl but I don’t seem to have that much to show for it BUT that is all about to change.

The main reason for my absence has been that next door has been lambing and I have been helping. Well I hope Roy considers me helpful, I certainly have learned an awful lot in a very short amount of time. The most lovely thing that I have learned is that sheep are a very resilient bunch who seem to muddle on whatever you throw at them!

= pipe dream: one day own my own sheep.

Another thing taking up my time has been exercise, I have been on a little journey over the last couple of years and I have lost 5 and a half stone. BUT it is HARD and sometimes I struggle to keep it up, I am trying to find a balance between exercising, eating what feels like nothing and trying to have some sort of normal life. I repeat, it is hard.

= pipe dream: keep my weight down and be happy with my body. (pah! I reckon this one isn’t possible!)

I have however had an hour or two this weekend to do things that Dav (the OH) and I have been wanting to get done, I have finally sown our salad bed up and tended the rest of our veg garden, it has been looking a little bit sorry for itself after the most ridiculously wet few months and he made me a cold frame. This may sound a little but trivial to a lot of you but I have been lusting after a cold frame for quite some time! And Dav being Dav has managed to make it for nothing! His salvaging/pikey skills are amazing and he was able to “come across” the bits he needed over the last few jobs he has done and LOOK – isn’t she beautiful?


Dav's Cold Frame.

And finally we are actually realising one of our pipe dreams over the next couple of weeks. We have ordered a chicken run.
I am so E X C I T E D it is probably a bit scary for those that live around me. We have been talking about it for a LONG time and now it is going to happen!! I am really looking forward to going and choosing some lovely ladies to fill our little run! I am sure I will be posting piccies up asap of all the goings on!! This is the image that I have got until its arrival!!

hen house