We’ve been busy…..

Like ducks. Busy like crazed ducks whose legs are flailing about all over the place UNDER the water but are just (trying) to appear serene above the surface.

We hope it’s working and that you don’t think we are nuts! This week will see the unveiling of a few new things at P&M. Those of you that have got your beady eyes on us will have already had a sneaky peak of our new logo over on Instagram when it had a little impromptu airing for Market Night. That is just ONE of the of the fab things we have to show you this week.

Alongside our beautiful, Wren inspired logo comes something we are really proud of. We are proper excited about this! There is a second #inspiredbywren fabric to hit the website (hopefully by Friday!) and as with the other 15% of all sales made in this fabric will be donated to the Sands charity. The third and for me most exciting thing we have to show you is our first charity pin!! ALL PROFITS made from its sales will be donated to Sands. We are excited and honestly a bit scared but we are really hoping you will love her as much as we do. The thought of our little Wren singing her way around the country is a lovely one. So seriously keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.

Posted by Kirstie

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  1. Well done my darling girls. Am so proud of you both. The work you are putting in is amazing. So looking forward to wearing my pin with pride. Xxx

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