Inspired by Wren

Many if you will know a little about Wren. Some of you will know nothing at all. We want you all to know about Wren.

Purl and Me is run by two of us, me (the gobby one) and my sister, Jenna (the quiet one). We are super close, we come a a bit of a package really, two for one, so you get one of us – you get both.

This time last year we discovered that we were both pregnant, our due dates were crazily only four weeks apart and we knew our lives were going to get super busy and change irreversibly. Excited wasn’t the word, it just all felt right, the thought of our babes growing up with a bond like Jenna and I was wonderful another future looked very bright.

It all looked very bright, with a rosy glow.

As we headed towards our due dates we talked a lot about what the babies would mean for purl and me, maternity breaks for us both and what would happen to our turn around time. Silly things that seem so trivial now.

Jennas due date came and went, finally she sent me the long awaited message to say she thought she was in labour…. We were texting like crazy (our phone reception is diabolical) but the texts stopped, it all went silent. Too silent. When the phone rang, it was not with the news that little Wren was here and that we should all celebrate. That phonecall was the hardest phonecall I have ever had to take. She wasn’t here. My sisters little bird had been born sleeping. Our lives really had all changed forever just not in the way that they had meant to.

So this fabric is for you little bird. Inspired by Wren

There are other things to come, a pin badge and Tees in all sizes – these things are still in development but aren’t far away from fruition.

ALL of the Inspired by Wren products will give a donation to the Sands Charity ( So each time you buy something you will be helping people like Jenna and her husband live through the hardest times on their lives.

If you’d like to read more about Jennas baby loss story then head over to

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