Snow Day.



Two of our little squad have been taken down by a seriously yucky cold but that didn’t stop the rest of us getting out into the bright white yesterday. It was so good to be out in such crisp air even if it did end up with me and the tiniest doing the most spectacular falling splits you’ve ever seen – I’ll be honest this isn’t out of the ordinary for me, I put it down to having tiny feet.

We headed to a local National Trust site to see the snow in all its glory. Bert the trusty hairy hound took great pleasure in rolling around in it and it was lovely to see some truly Cornish sledging – this involves using a bodyboard instead of a traditional sled!

Jenna and I are back to it today though planning, cutting and making – serious hair and all (see Insta stories)

What did you get up to in the snow over the weekend?


Posted by Kirstie

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  1. I mostly hid away as best I could from the horrible cold stuff. I think it looks beautiful but I can’t stand being in it! 🤣 love the top knots girls ✌🏻 Happy seeing! Xx

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