The quiet one.

Anyone that knows us both will tell you that Kirstie is the talker of the two of us, the one that wears her heart on her sleeve. I on the other hand am the quiet one whose heart is well and truly under wraps at all times.

I find myself now in a position where I have so much to say but when you aren’t a talker, how do you get things across?
Maybe a blog is a good place to start?

In December my daughter was stillborn, to say this has been a life changing event would be an understatement. To help me deal with my loss I have decided to set up a separate blog that focuses just on this ( I want to share my story but I dont want to impose it on people, this way its your choice!

Purl and Me are working on all sorts of new and exciting projects which we hope to share in the next few months, working on building a positive future for our families, taking strength from our sadness and honouring Wren whilst hopefully helping to raise awareness for people who have suffered losses…

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