Life has a habit of evolving doesn’t it? Becoming something that you weren’t expecting or didn’t think you were capable of. Some of the things that have bought the sewing sister and I to this point have been painful, downright brutal, physically and emotionally. I am hopeful though that they will give us the strength and the motivation to move forward…….Let’s do that, let’s just keep moving forward.

In the same way as our circumstances have evolved to get us here, i think the blog will too. We have all sorts of ideas for it but we want it to be achievable for us to keep up and worth you reading. No pressure. It won’t just be shop talk either, although you can expect a lot of that, there will be a fair bit of us in it too. I’m the over sharing sister with the two models in tow and the sewing sister is the quiet, restrained and grown up one who I am hoping to drag in front of the camera and onto your screens. Let’s see how that works out shall we?!

Purl and Me.
Two sisters, cutting, sewing and knitting for your little people in beautiful North Cornwall.
She’s the sewist and I’m the knittest (and the gobbiest). Together we are trying to make something bigger out of our little business and would love it if you came along for the ride.

Well there you are. Our first post – if you have read all this way then well done and THANK YOU. We hope to see you again soon.

Posted by Kirstie.


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