Time for the new stuff….

We have been lucky. Almost a year ago we found out that we were going to be parents, we were scared ridged. This was the second time that we had seen those little blue lines and just hoped with every fibre of our beings that we were going to be able to meet this little person unlike the first time around. We didn’t talk about it for nearly a week and even then it was just to confirm what day the hospital appointment was going to be. After two scans a week apart we were told the amazing news that the tiniest little heartbeat was where it was meant to be. We were carrying a viable (the most hideous term) pregnancy.

We still didn’t talk about it.

So many things though were running through my mind and although I am sure trivial to many one of those worries was – I need to meet people that I can go through this with. I was more than a little apprehensive walking into my first antenatal class and we certainly took a while to get going but I met the most wonderful bunch of – slightly crazy, wonderfully loving, caring and supportive ladies. I will not bore you with the details of our conversations about poo and wee – in fact all bodily fluids. Everything was covered very quickly, our hopes and our fears – ALL of them and we soon became good friends. We cheered each one of us through our labours and sympathised when one of us, one by one, cried about our milk production or the fear of our first poo (again with the poo talk) after childbirth.

These ladies were and are my rock – they have made this learning curve a lot more fun.

Purl and Me has been going through a bit of a re-birth and again the ladies have been holding my hand throughout and I wanted to mark our friendship somehow.

SO….. Purl and Me is releasing a new line. A non knitted line. All of our babies have started to chew, dribble and gnaw all at the same time and after being pointed in the right direction by one of our lovely company I came across some lovely yummy chewable beads. I saw an opening and put it to the girls, they were all interested and so the idea started to form.

Each one of them has chosen their colours and their shapes and designed their very own necklace. You are now able to purchase a necklace named after each one of our fabulous little group – grab yourself a Cleo or a Sophie, Gemma, Jennifer, Jazz or an Amanda or Beth.


You girls are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart xX


The photo is of the beautiful Sophie and her Sophie necklace. Available to purchase now. See Purl and Me on Facebook for more details 💕


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