Time flies….

when you’re a new mum.

In fact it doesn’t fly it rockets by. Somebody told me just after I gave birth that the days are long but the weeks are short. Possibly one of the most accurate things any body said to me in those early days when we were full of fear and wonderment. In the midst of realising I had become a mum and getting to know the sidekick I have been trying to make sure that I have a way to help support our new little family unit.

Purl and Me has been slowly bubbling away and growing in its own way over the last couple of years but I would love to think that there was a bit more to it than a few extra pennies over the winter. So I have taken (almost) every opportunity to get my knit on or post something on the Facebook page, Instagram or here. There lies the rub. There has to be a balance between being ever present for my beautiful little lady and being able to take P&M further without being awake all hours………


…we will find it and we will enjoy it along the way.

The sidekicks dungarees were from http://www.sewkuddly.co.uk



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