It’s hard and it seems to be getting harder……

It’s hard and it seems to be getting harder. Instagram has been our home for a while now and we love it there. Me in particular can usually be found hanging out there somewhere! I have forged some amazing relationships there, many of them every bit as important, if not more so, than my real life ones. BUT it does seem to be a bit of a struggle at the moment. Who am I kidding? It has been for a while now and you have been under a rock for an age if you haven’t heard all the mutterings about the algorithm and “getting seen” So what should we do? I continue to love it, and although frustrated I am hoping to see it return to its former glory. So instead of moping we are going to try and tackle Instagram head on…….. There will be a few changes to how our feed works and looks in the hope that we can keep things moving in the right direction and in the meantime if you have any hints, tips or ideas that would help us ALL of them will be greatfully received!!

Original Pin…..

You have surprised us, made us smile with pride and kept us busy! When we released the pins we were hoping you’d like them but we didn’t know that we would almost sell out in such a short time! They have been so popular that we are thinking we might release another colour soon. You can collect them and we can keep spreading the love whilst raising further money for charity! Meanwhile if you are one of the lucky ones who grabbed themselves an original then please let us know what adventures you and Wren go on by tagging your photos with the #inspiredbywren tag. It’s lovely to see the pins travelling far and wide!

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We’ve been busy…..

Like ducks. Busy like crazed ducks whose legs are flailing about all over the place UNDER the water but are just (trying) to appear serene above the surface.

We hope it’s working and that you don’t think we are nuts! This week will see the unveiling of a few new things at P&M. Those of you that have got your beady eyes on us will have already had a sneaky peak of our new logo over on Instagram when it had a little impromptu airing for Market Night. That is just ONE of the of the fab things we have to show you this week.

Alongside our beautiful, Wren inspired logo comes something we are really proud of. We are proper excited about this! There is a second #inspiredbywren fabric to hit the website (hopefully by Friday!) and as with the other 15% of all sales made in this fabric will be donated to the Sands charity. The third and for me most exciting thing we have to show you is our first charity pin!! ALL PROFITS made from its sales will be donated to Sands. We are excited and honestly a bit scared but we are really hoping you will love her as much as we do. The thought of our little Wren singing her way around the country is a lovely one. So seriously keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.

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Inspired by Wren

Many if you will know a little about Wren. Some of you will know nothing at all. We want you all to know about Wren.

Purl and Me is run by two of us, me (the gobby one) and my sister, Jenna (the quiet one). We are super close, we come a a bit of a package really, two for one, so you get one of us – you get both.

This time last year we discovered that we were both pregnant, our due dates were crazily only four weeks apart and we knew our lives were going to get super busy and change irreversibly. Excited wasn’t the word, it just all felt right, the thought of our babes growing up with a bond like Jenna and I was wonderful another future looked very bright.

It all looked very bright, with a rosy glow.

As we headed towards our due dates we talked a lot about what the babies would mean for purl and me, maternity breaks for us both and what would happen to our turn around time. Silly things that seem so trivial now.

Jennas due date came and went, finally she sent me the long awaited message to say she thought she was in labour…. We were texting like crazy (our phone reception is diabolical) but the texts stopped, it all went silent. Too silent. When the phone rang, it was not with the news that little Wren was here and that we should all celebrate. That phonecall was the hardest phonecall I have ever had to take. She wasn’t here. My sisters little bird had been born sleeping. Our lives really had all changed forever just not in the way that they had meant to.

So this fabric is for you little bird. Inspired by Wren

There are other things to come, a pin badge and Tees in all sizes – these things are still in development but aren’t far away from fruition.

ALL of the Inspired by Wren products will give a donation to the Sands Charity ( So each time you buy something you will be helping people like Jenna and her husband live through the hardest times on their lives.

If you’d like to read more about Jennas baby loss story then head over to


New products are always a bit scary for us. Good scary. The sort of exciting scary that you like. We have been toying with this one for a while. Many of you mummas have asked in the past if we make mumma sized clothing and we have made a few leggings in grown up sizes. BUT. When you’re asked four times in one night if you make a specific thing then maybe it’s time to sit up and take note! So we did………

These grown up Bright Leopards are now listed over on the website 😉

The quiet one.

Anyone that knows us both will tell you that Kirstie is the talker of the two of us, the one that wears her heart on her sleeve. I on the other hand am the quiet one whose heart is well and truly under wraps at all times.

I find myself now in a position where I have so much to say but when you aren’t a talker, how do you get things across?
Maybe a blog is a good place to start?

In December my daughter was stillborn, to say this has been a life changing event would be an understatement. To help me deal with my loss I have decided to set up a separate blog that focuses just on this ( I want to share my story but I dont want to impose it on people, this way its your choice!

Purl and Me are working on all sorts of new and exciting projects which we hope to share in the next few months, working on building a positive future for our families, taking strength from our sadness and honouring Wren whilst hopefully helping to raise awareness for people who have suffered losses…

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Life has a habit of evolving doesn’t it? Becoming something that you weren’t expecting or didn’t think you were capable of. Some of the things that have bought the sewing sister and I to this point have been painful, downright brutal, physically and emotionally. I am hopeful though that they will give us the strength and the motivation to move forward…….Let’s do that, let’s just keep moving forward.

In the same way as our circumstances have evolved to get us here, i think the blog will too. We have all sorts of ideas for it but we want it to be achievable for us to keep up and worth you reading. No pressure. It won’t just be shop talk either, although you can expect a lot of that, there will be a fair bit of us in it too. I’m the over sharing sister with the two models in tow and the sewing sister is the quiet, restrained and grown up one who I am hoping to drag in front of the camera and onto your screens. Let’s see how that works out shall we?!

Purl and Me.
Two sisters, cutting, sewing and knitting for your little people in beautiful North Cornwall.
She’s the sewist and I’m the knittest (and the gobbiest). Together we are trying to make something bigger out of our little business and would love it if you came along for the ride.

Well there you are. Our first post – if you have read all this way then well done and THANK YOU. We hope to see you again soon.

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